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Canopies are designed for businesses needing engineered, durable, custom coverage. Fully customizable to fit any commercial space, our canopies provide shelter and elevate your property’s appearance. Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, and more, our team at New Image Canopy blends form with function, keeping your business eye-catching and protected from the elements.

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Mike Lynch
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Dallas Crain

"New Image Canopy – they are great guys. They are great to work with, very responsive, and quality work across the board."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials

Mike Lynch

"I don't know how they do it. It was magical and we only use them in Georgia for our canopies. There are other companies out there, but nobody does it quite as good as they do."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials
Mike Lynch

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Pete Kane

You can't get a better person to service your awning project than Steve Baguley. He's professional, honest and delivers results. I known Steve for 20 years and can't say enough good things about him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are gas station canopy lights?

    Gas station canopy lights are lights specifically designed to be installed in gas station canopies.

  • Why are gas station canopy lights important?

    Gas station canopy lights are important because they provide light for customers who are getting gas, no matter what time of day it is. It also helps increase security.

  • How do gas station canopy lights contribute to energy efficiency?

    Gas station canopy lights can come in many varieties, but since they will be on so much of the time, choosing an energy-efficient option is ideal for saving costs. LED gas station canopy lights are the best option for this purpose.

  • What are the benefits of installing LED canopy lights at gas stations?

    LED canopy lights, as mentioned previously, are the most energy efficient option for gas station lighting. In addition, they provide a bright white light which customers will find welcoming and reassuring, especially when it is late at night.

  • What factors should I consider when selecting gas station canopy lights?

    When selecting gas station canopy lights, you will want to consider energy efficiency. In addition, the color of the lights will make a difference in the way customers perceive the gas station. It is also important to get lights that will be safe and easy to clean.

  • Are there specific regulations or standards for gas station canopy lighting?

    There are specific regulations and standards which exist on federal, state, and local levels. Our lighting meets standards, but be sure to familiarize yourself with local regulations.

  • How can I maintain and optimize the performance of gas station canopy lights?

    Maintain your canopy lights by having them inspected regularly and fixing any issues with the wiring as soon as possible. They can be optimized by placing them strategically, to save more energy.

Gas Station LED Canopy Lights

Enhance the safety and aesthetics of your gas station with state-of-the-art LED gas station canopy lights. Designed to provide exceptional brightness and durability, LED canopy lights offer many benefits for gas station owners nationwide.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety

LED canopy lights ensure optimal visibility and safety for customers, even during nighttime operations. With their bright and clear illumination, gas canopy LED lights create a well-lit environment that facilitates easy navigation and deters potential criminals. Additionally, their high color rendering index (CRI) accurately displays colors, aiding customers in identifying the correct fuel type and enhancing overall safety.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Switching to LED lighting significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional lighting options.

LED canopy lights consume significantly less energy, resulting in lower electricity bills. In addition, gas canopy LED lights provide a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, reducing operational costs for gas station owners.

Customizable Aesthetics

New Image Canopy will help you enhance the aesthetics of your gas station canopy with customizable LED lighting options. Businesses can create a unique ambiance with various color choices and programmable features. The LED gas station canopy lights can be customized to match brand colors and create a cohesive look that reinforces brand identity, increasing customer visibility.

Durable and Tamper-Resistant

LED canopy lights are durable and tamper-resistant, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and rugged environments. Their robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, providing gas station owners with peace of mind.

Wide Spread Brightness

Experience widespread brightness with LED gas station canopy lights, illuminating the entire area under the canopy with uniform light distribution. This ensures adequate lighting coverage, enhancing customer safety and satisfaction.

Contact Us for Gas Station LED Canopy Lighting Options

For more information about our nationwide LED canopy lighting services, call New Image Canopy today at 770.943.5977 or drop us a message through our contact form. Enhance safety, visibility, and aesthetics with LED lighting solutions.

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