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Our light commercial services combine aesthetics with functionality. By providing custom designs, we’ll work with you to create anything, ranging from storefronts and walkways to outdoor seating areas. Our services are designed to enhance your space, making it welcoming and accessible, all while reflecting your brand’s character..

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Mike Lynch
Dallas Crane - Client Testimonials

Dallas Crain

"New Image Canopy – they are great guys. They are great to work with, very responsive, and quality work across the board."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials

Mike Lynch

"I don't know how they do it. It was magical and we only use them in Georgia for our canopies. There are other companies out there, but nobody does it quite as good as they do."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials
Mike Lynch

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Pete Kane

You can't get a better person to service your awning project than Steve Baguley. He's professional, honest and delivers results. I known Steve for 20 years and can't say enough good things about him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a service station canopy?

    A service station canopy is a canopy that covers the fuel pumps at a service station.

  • Are service station canopies customizable?

    Service station canopies can be customizable to reflect the brand colors and logo of your particular service station.

  • Are service station canopies structurally safe?

    Service station canopies are structurally safe, as long as they comply with all regulatory requirements. You will also need to check out the permits and inspections required in your local area.

  • How long does it take to install a service station canopy?

    It will depend on the size and components required to complete your service station canopy. Rest assured we will complete yours on time.

  • What are the benefits of installing a service station canopy?

    A service station canopy offers many benefits. They serve to shelter customers from weather, as well as protect the gas pumps from elements that may create hazardous conditions such as increasing the risk of fire. Service station canopies also provide a light source to make the service station more visible as well as for the safety of customers.

  • Can existing service station canopies be refurbished or upgraded?

    Yes, an existing service station canopy can be refurbished or upgraded, to better meet the needs of today’s customers or improve the overall look of the service station.

  • What materials are commonly used to construct service station canopies?

    A few of the materials most commonly used to construct service station canopies include fiberglass, metal, and polycarbonate.

Light Commercial Canopy

New Image Canopy can provide complete design & build light commercial canopy construction services for your storefront, walkways, critical equipment and pumps, and other specialty needs.

Purpose & Importance

Canopies provide aesthetic appeal to retail and commercial buildings and storefronts, as well as practical functionality. Light commercial canopies provide protection from the elements, comfort for your customers, staff, and visitors and create an appealing and professional look to any building.

Design Excellence

Our expertise at New Image Canopy is design and build of canopies for commercial and light commercial applications. Since 1955, New Image Canopy has led the industry in excellent customer service and professional design & project management. Our partners and property owner customers trust New Image Canopy to create the very best end results – on time, and on budget.

Detailed Construction Process

New Image Canopy delivers comprehensive canopy construction services for commercial and light commercial applications.

From site assessment and engineering & design collaboration to precise fabrication and professional installation. Our proven process ensures compliance with applicable building & safety regulations, and industry standards all while providing exceptional finished canopy build and installations providing long-term reliability.

Contact Us

For more information or to discuss a specific canopy project, contact New Image Canopy at 770.943.5977 or use our online contact form. Experience the professional difference with New Image Canopy.

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