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Canopies are designed for businesses needing engineered, durable, custom coverage. Fully customizable to fit any commercial space, our canopies provide shelter and elevate your property’s appearance. Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, and more, our team at New Image Canopy blends form with function, keeping your business eye-catching and protected from the elements.

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Mike Lynch
Dallas Crane - Client Testimonials

Dallas Crain

"New Image Canopy – they are great guys. They are great to work with, very responsive, and quality work across the board."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials

Mike Lynch

"I don't know how they do it. It was magical and we only use them in Georgia for our canopies. There are other companies out there, but nobody does it quite as good as they do."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials
Mike Lynch

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Pete Kane

You can't get a better person to service your awning project than Steve Baguley. He's professional, honest and delivers results. I known Steve for 20 years and can't say enough good things about him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How tall are gas station canopies?

    Gas station canopies must be at least 13 and a half feet tall and no taller than 20 feet to safely accommodate larger vehicles. However, local regulations should always be followed.

  • Why are gas pump canopies important?

    Gas pump canopies are important for several reasons. They are great for making the gas station stand out and showing off its brand. However, they also serve to protect customers from the weather, offer lighting for additional safety at night, and prevent harmful elements such as rain or snow from getting on the gas pumps or other equipment. In addition, many gas station canopies are designed to decrease the amount of harm done by fires.

  • How much does a gas station canopy installation cost?

    The price of installing a gas station canopy will vary depending on the size, materials, site prep required, and components needed. Feel free to reach out for a quote.

  • Are permits required for building a gas station canopy?

    There are permits required for building a gas station canopy, to ensure that it is structurally sound and protects the gas pumps and customers, and meets applicable regulations.

  • Are there specific regulations or codes that govern gas station canopy design?

    Your specific city, county, and state will have specific regulations, codes, and permits required for gas station canopies. It is important to check out the local requirements.

  • Are your gas station canopies manufactured in-house or by third-party manufacturers?

    For more information about the manufacturer of our gas station canopies, feel free to get in touch with us.

Gas Station Canopy Design and Construction

Transform your gas station into a standout destination by partnering with New Image Canopy for our expertise in gas station canopy design and construction services. At New Image Canopy, we don’t just build canopies; we create structures that elevate the appeal and functionality of your gas station.

Canopy Craftsmanship and Innovation

At New Image Canopy, we blend craftsmanship with innovation to deliver gas station canopies that provide shelter to your customers and protect your fuel dispensers and equipment from the harshest weather conditions. Our professional engineers specialize in creating custom gas station canopy designs customized to your brand’s colors and imagery, ensuring seamless integration with your station’s aesthetics.

Efficient Installation

From conceptualization to installation, our seasoned professionals handle every gas station canopy construction aspect with precision and efficiency.

Utilizing top-of-the-line materials and advanced techniques, we guarantee swift and masterful installations that stand the test of time. Our sign systems and branding expertise ensure that your fuel station canopy is a beacon for your brand and helps attract customers.

Benefits of Our Canopies

Discover the advantages our gas station canopies provide: safeguarding your station against all weather conditions, ensuring customer safety with abundant illumination, and maximizing brand visibility through expansive advertising opportunities. Benefit from enhanced protection, security, and brand recognition with our expertly crafted canopies.

Customization and Brand Building

Our gas canopies are fully customizable, allowing you to align them perfectly with your business’s aesthetic values. By incorporating your signature color schemes and logos, we transform your gas pump canopy into a powerful brand-building tool, attracting high volumes of customers.

Essential Design Components

Gas station canopies feature essential components: a sturdy steel frame, durable roofing, lighting fixtures, and branded signage for enhanced visibility and customer recognition.

Contact Us for Gas Station Canopy Design and Construction Services

For exceptional service and fuel station canopy design and construction services nationwide, call New Image Canopy at 770.943.5977 or use our contact form. With our expert solutions, transform your gas station into a beacon of style, safety, and success.

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