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Specializing in custom canopy, imaging, and light commercial solutions since 1955.

Full Customization

With every job, you’ll have full control over specifications, including design, material, and more!


We always use high-quality materials, a solid plan, and everything necessary to ensure that the finished job matches top-tier standards.


Since 1955, our group of experts have been creating commercial canopies designed to last, and helping to keep your business, customers and employees safe while promoting your brand on a large scale.


By providing all the services you’ll need for canopies, imaging, and light commercial projects, you’ll have the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your project needs.


  • Canopies

    Our custom-engineered canopies are built per your exact project specs, and provide durability and style, while allowing your business to stand out while providing essential protection.

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  • Imaging

    Revitalize your brand with our comprehensive imaging design services. Whether you need logo updates or full rebrands, we’ll make your business shine.

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  • Light Commercial

    Enjoy functional designs to beautify and improve the efficiency of smaller canopy applications, such as entry ways and storefronts, loading docks, walkways and equipment coverings. Our light commercial solutions are fully customizable to meet your unique project needs.

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Mike Lynch
Dallas Crane - Client Testimonials

Dallas Crain

"New Image Canopy – they are great guys. They are great to work with, very responsive, and quality work across the board."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials

Mike Lynch

"I don't know how they do it. It was magical and we only use them in Georgia for our canopies. There are other companies out there, but nobody does it quite as good as they do."
Mike Lynch - Client Testimonials
Mike Lynch

What Our Clients Say
About Us

Pete Kane

You can't get a better person to service your awning project than Steve Baguley. He's professional, honest and delivers results. I known Steve for 20 years and can't say enough good things about him.

Who We Are

Located in Cedartown, GA, our team at New Image Canopy specializes in custom-designed canopies, light commercial, and imaging services for commercial spaces. Founded in 1955 as Shady Vent, we continue to pride ourselves on efficient project management, reliability, and offering value-focused solutions. Our mission is to better the lives of those we serve.

New Image Canopy Team
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I’d like the new canopy to match my current structure(s). Is that possible?

    Absolutely. When you order a canopy with us, you’re getting full customization. That means meeting project specs, color scheme, and style.

  • Does my canopy need any maintenance?

    Keeping a canopy clean doesn’t entail too much. That being said, it’s important to clean the canopy surface annually and ensure that all gutters and drainage systems are unobstructed, similar to maintenance performed on your home. Utilize a power washer for thorough cleaning and inspect all sealants. To keep the structural elements clean, wash the columns, remove rust, and repaint as necessary.

  • What’s the difference between commercial canopies and light commercial?

    Although our services specifically cater to larger commercial environments, light commercial projects focus on such as entry ways and storefronts, loading docks, walkways and equipment coverings.

  • What are the types of light commercial projects that New Image Canopy does?

    We mainly focus on commercial storefront canopies, loading dock canopies, walkways, and equipment storage canopies. If you also need imaging for your canopy, we can do that, too!

  • What is Imaging?

    Imaging refers to implementing your company's branding onto your canopies and/or light commercial applications. Our team accomplishes this with meticulous design & engineering, and expert project management ensuring your logo application looks great and fits your specifications and plans perfectly.

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